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What is the use value of cap bottle?

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The cap bottle is used for sealing the bottle. According to different functions, there are bottle caps with different shapes and different operation methods. For example, the cap of a mineral water bottle is round and twisted, the cap of a pop-top can is a ring, and the cap of a meat can is pulled. There is no fixed shape.

What is the use value of cap bottle?

What are the functions and advantages of screw caps in bottle caps?

What are the functions and advantages of snap caps in bottle caps?

cap bottle

What is the use value of cap bottle?

The bottle cap is an important part of food and beverage packaging, and it is also the first place consumers come into contact with products. The bottle cap has the function of keeping the contents of the product sealed, and also has the functions of anti-theft opening and safety, so it is widely used in bottled products, so the bottle cap is the upstream industry of the food, beverage, wine, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry. It is the key product of bottle container packaging. In the early development of bottle caps, cork materials, tinplate crown caps and screw caps were used. Up to now, we have continued to develop aluminum long-neck aluminum caps, carbonated drink aluminum caps, hot-filling aluminum caps, injection aluminum caps, medicine caps, and open-top caps. Type ring caps, safety button claw caps and plastic bottle caps and other products.

What are the functions and advantages of screw caps in bottle caps?

As the name suggests, screw cap means that the bottle cap is connected and matched with the container through its own threaded structure.

Thanks to the advantages of the threaded structure, when the screw cap is screwed, a relatively large axial force can be generated through the engagement between the threads, and the self-locking function can be easily realized. At the same time, some caps with high precision need to be positioned, and screw caps with threaded structures are also used.

plastic screw cap

Features: Tighten or loosen the cap by rotating the cap.

Advantages: Strong self-locking ability, the cover is not easy to be pulled out, and the cover is evenly stressed in the axial direction, which is conducive to sealing.

Occasion of use: packaging with high sealing requirements and precise positioning requirements

What are the functions and advantages of snap caps in bottle caps?

The snap cover is a cover that fixes itself on the container through structures such as claws, and we generally call it a snap cover.

The snap cover is designed based on the high toughness of the plastic itself, especially the materials with good toughness such as PP/PE, which can maximize the advantages of the claw structure. During installation, when the claws of the snap cover are subjected to a certain pressure, they can deform for a short time and expand the ratchet structure of the bottle mouth. the mouth, so that the cap can be fixed on the container. This efficient connection method is particularly favored in industrial mass production.

Features: The bottle cap is fastened to the mouth of the container by pressing.

Advantages: easy to install the cover, low manufacturing cost.

Use occasion: low-cost FMCG packaging.

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