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What Is The Reason for Us To Use A Seal Liner?

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The seal liner is a sealing product made of aramid fiber with high strength and high grinding capacity as the main material and special material with good lubricity. This sealing product has excellent lubricity and wear-resistance. It can display its outstanding features on liquid devices where solid and liquid phases are mixed.

What is the reason for us to use a seal liner?

How to choose a seal liner?

How to choose the right seal liner?

What is the reason for us to use a seal liner?

You might choose to include a seal liner for a number of reasons. If your product needs an airtight seal to keep it fresh (like spices), a seal liner is a great option for you. Induction liners can also meet the requirements of products that require a tamper-resistant seal. Additionally, seal liners can be used on products that have gone through an extensive shipping process, as they provide another layer of protection against potential leaks. This is especially true in e-commerce scenarios, as the bottle is unlikely to remain upright during its final journey to the consumer. Even if your product doesn't fall into any of these categories, seal liners are customizable and can help your product stand out from the competition.

How to choose a seal liner?

The amount of torque varies depending on the size of the cap or the type of container you are using - for example, glass cups have different torque requirements than plastic cups. Cap manufacturers will have their own torque recommendations, but you can check our application torque value chart to get a rough idea of what seal liner you need.

Once the lid is attached with the correct torque, the container can be passed through an induction tunnel or other similar application to apply the right amount of heat to your lid. This induction process will allow the seal liner to the neck of the container. Once the container has cooled a bit, the seating should be set.

How to choose the right seal liner?

The first step in choosing a seal liner is to determine the material of the bottle. There are different induction liners for HDPE, PET, glass, etc. There are even "universal" seal liners that can be used with a variety of bottle material types; however, we generally recommend using a sensor liner that is specific to the bottle that will be adhered to.

The appropriate induction liner for your container will vary depending on the type of product you have and your individual needs. Multiple layers of options allow you to ensure that anything is protected, from food to chemicals and more. The composition of the induction liner mainly depends on the content of the product and whether it needs to be resealed after opening.

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