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What Is The Meaning of The Measure Scoop?

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The CC of the measure scoopn is ml, such as: 100cc is equal to 100 ml. If it is water, 100cc is equal to 100 grams. So, a measure scoopn 2.5cc is 2.5 grams. The cc unit is the common name for the volume unit milliliter commonly used in the 1950s and 1960s. The volume unit, 1cc=1ml. 1cc is the volume unit, gram is the mass unit, and there is a density conversion relationship in the middle.

What is the meaning of the measure scoop?

How to identify the quality of measure scoop?

Why is there a small hole at the bottom of the measure scoop?

What is the meaning of the measure scoop?

The design of the Scoop Hook series products makes the use experience of the product more high-end, and at the same time increases the practicality of the product. The innovative patented technology of RTCO breaks the traditional concept to reduce the contact probability of powder and scoop, and more hygiene. RTCO has always been dedicated to bring more extraordinary packaging experiences to clients, we will develop more customized and functional packaging for our clients and grow together with them!

How to identify the quality of measure scoop?

The quality of plastic measure scoopns can be judged from the aspects of material, smell, appearance and shape.

In terms of material, a good plastic measure scoopn will be made of non-toxic materials such as PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), etc. If it is not used for food or medicine, the plastic measure scoopn is made of PVC and other materials (of course no special If required, there will be plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, pigments and other additives in it).

If it smells, you can smell it directly with your nose. Good plastic spoons have little or no odor, and poor quality ones are strong and pungent.

Appearance and shape, good plastic measure scoopns are well handled, and there are almost no burrs, burrs, etc. that will cause people to scratch. Poor plastic measure scoopns have many burrs and burrs that are easy to scratch people.

In addition, in terms of hardness, generally plastic spoons made of good non-renewable materials are not easy to break and age, while poor ones are hard to say, and are easily broken and damaged.

Why is there a small hole at the bottom of the measure scoop?

The small hole under the measure scoop is mainly used to balance the air pressure, which is the so-called "ventilation". This is based on the principles of physics. If the bottom of the milk powder scoop is sealed without small holes, after it is filled with milk powder and scraped, since there is no air inside the spoon, the external air pressure > the inside, then the milk powder is not easy to pour out. A small hole is added at the bottom, and the measure scoop filled with milk powder can keep the air pressure inside and outside the same, and the milk powder can be easily poured out, which can reduce unnecessary trouble in the preparation process.

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