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Manufacturing Capability

Our factory is equipped with advanced injection blow molding machines, fully automatic class 10,000 cleanroom for UV coating line, and GMP certified cleanroom for assembly. We also have technicians who can help design the perfect packaging option for you which will provide the best solution based on the requirements of beauty and safety. We have several product series: for Sports nutrition packaging, our most popular options are the Metallized series, Plain plastic series, Liquid bottle powder caps, and Scoops amongst others.

Package Design & Prototyping

We have a professional team for design and manufacturing. Until the end of 2018, we have customized over 100 pieces molds according to customers’ requests.
New molds can be finished nearly 7-15 days after drawings are confirmed.


We will provide you with reasonable suggestions and practical solutions to fill your packaging needs. We will partner with you in material choosing, R&D, and mass production. The whole process only takes 8 weeks.




Our injection molding machines and molds allow us to produce plastic containers of various shapes by injection molding technology.
Advantages: accurate size, appealing look and high quality.
Applied materials: PP plastic
Manufactured product: All caps




Advantage: can control wall thickness of container
Materials: HDPE、PET plastic etc.
Manufactured product : all Sports nutrition bottles



Metalization: Chroming

The effect of metallic luster on the surface of plain bottle

Soft touch:

Make the surface of the plain bottle matt and feel soft.

Make the surface of the plain bottle semitransparent and mysterious.


Make the surface of the plain bottle colorful and shining

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