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Chromed Bottle

  • Why choose the Gensyu protein container
    The raw material of the protein container is high density polyethylene. Most plastic containers for bath accessories and shopping bags are made of this material. The maximum heat resistance is 110°C. Some can be reused several times, but pay attention to cleaning. For more information about the prot
  • What are the characteristics of the chrome bottle
    What are the characteristics of the chrome bottle?Chromium bottles are generally passivated. After passivation in chromic acid or chromate solution, the formed passivation film does not react easily with moist air, and the corrosion protection ability is greatly improved.What are the characteristics
  • What are the relevant physical parameters of the p
    What are the relevant physical parameters of the protein container?The high density polyethylene (HDPE) protein container available on the market has a density of 0.945 to 0.96 g/cm3 and a melting point of 125 to 137 degrees Celsius;Low density linear PE (LLDPE), density 0.925 g/cm3, melting point 1
  • What is the function of the chrome layer of the ch
    What is the function of the chrome layer of the chrome bottle?Due to the excellent performance of the chrome plating layer, chrome bottle is widely used as the outer layer and functional coating of the protective-decorative coating system, and has always played an important role in the electroplatin
  • What is the information about the chromer bottle
    chrome bottle is a process for galvanizing a thin layer of chromium on metal. Chrome plating has two main functions, for decoration or as a protective layer.What is the physical principle of chrome bottle production?What is the raw material of the chrome bottle?What chemical reaction does the chromi
  • 13-32oz Plastic HDPE Silver Chromed Bottle Packaging In US Warehouse
    13oz 20oz 32oz Plastic HDPE Silver Chromed Bottle PackagingUS WarehouseDirect DeliveryThe chrome plating technology has been widely used on cosmetic industry for many year, so plating on small cosmetic parts like on PP, PMMA, PC, etc; has been very common. When we start to apply this plating tec

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