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Shanghai Gensyu Packaging Company Limited

Shanghai Gensyu Packaging International Trade company located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, China. And our factory is located in Jiangsu Province with approximately 200 staff.

Manufacturing with a commitment to quality and compliance, Gensyu-packaging has earned a leadership position in the dietary supplement packaging market. We have abounding experience of supplying high-quality, innovative, cost-effective and safe packaging to customers all over the world.

Offering experience and innovation with the broadest range of packaging, our product portfolio includes:

  Plastic jars with different surface treatment

  Continuous thread closure

  Flip-on caps


Solution Provider

A packaging solution provider for Sports Nutrition, Nutraceutical, Health, Wellness, Food and Beverage.




Our headquarter located in Shanghai, China with a base of operation in Savanna GA, which including a 100,000 square feet fulfillment warehouse.



Manufacturing Base

Our manufacturing base is in Ningbo of Zhejiang Province and features a state of the art factory which cover an in house area of ​​150,000 square feet, all stages of product development are performed in Zhejiang factory, from molding design to product assembly

Gensyu has been ear-marked with a very strong position of high-end sports packaging

On 2009, we are the first company to introduce the Chrome-plating technology into the sport packaging industry until today, Gensyu has been always taken the leading position in both quality control and technology innovation!


We excel in doing this thru a team of specialized people that cover the America, Europe, Australia. From LA to Miami, Tampa Pittsburgh, Savanna, Middle Europe and Melbourne with service the Sports Nutrition Nutraceutical, Health, Wellness, Food and Beverage industries.

The SuperGrowPlating/(SGP) paint technology will maintain the chromed finish never fall off!

The SuperAnti-Percipitation/(SAP) soft touch technology will keep you away from the eyesore precipitated spot on your products.

The SuperAnti-Humidity/(SAH) technology will effectively maintain your products high quality and preserve the product’s freshness during the whole life warranty.

No matter wherever you are marketing, the SuperAir-Balance/(SAB) technology will effectively keep your bottle in shape and prevent the bottle being imploding or paneling.




We keep moving…


New CDC warehouse set up in Savannah, GA


Packaging turnover reach 20M USD
USA registered in FL
Zhejiang factory set up


Packaging turnover reach 3M USD, total turnover reach 8M USD


Packaging department set up


Annual turnover reach 5M USD


Registered and deal with Steel products

  Room 903, Building A8, No. 2555 Xiupu Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China.


  +86-21-20961227 / 8133279281






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