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What is the function of the chrome layer of the ch

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Due to the excellent performance of the chrome plating layer, chrome bottle is widely used as the outer layer and functional coating of the protective-decorative coating system, and has always played an important role in the electroplating industry.

What is the decorative function of chrome bottle?

What is the function of the chrome layer of the chrome bottle?

What are the appearance characteristics of chrome bottle?

What is the decorative function of chrome bottle?

The protection of chrome bottle—Decorative chrome plating is commonly known as decorative chrome. The plating layer is thin and bright and beautiful. It is usually used as the outermost layer of multi-layer electroplating. Then a thin layer of 0.25-0.5 μm chromium is plated on the bright intermediate layer. Commonly used processes are Cu/Ni/Cr, Ni/Cu/Ni/Cr, Cu-Sn/Cr, etc. After the surface of the polished product is plated with decorative chrome, a silver-blue mirror luster can be obtained. It does not change color for a long time in the atmosphere. The polished chrome bottle decorative chrome layer is highly reflective to light and can be used as a reflector. Plating microporous or microcracked chromium on multi-layer nickel is an important way to reduce the total thickness of the coating and obtain a high corrosion resistance protection-decoration system, and it is also the development direction of modern electroplating technology.

What is the function of the chrome layer of the chrome bottle?

The chrome plating layer of the chrome bottle has a high hardness, and its hardness can vary within a wide range of 400-1200HV according to the composition of the plating solution and process conditions. The chrome plating layer has good heat resistance. When heated below 500 °C, its gloss and hardness have no obvious change. When the temperature is higher than 500 °C, it begins to oxidize and discolor, and when it is higher than 700 °C, the hardness begins to decrease. The friction coefficient of the chrome layer is small, especially the dry friction coefficient, which is the lowest among all metals. So the chrome layer has good wear resistance.

The chrome plating layer of chrome bottle has good chemical stability, it does not work in alkali, sulfide, nitric acid and most organic acids, but it is soluble in hydrochloric acid (such as hydrochloric acid) and hot sulfuric acid. In the visible light range, the reflectivity of chromium is about 65%, which is between silver (88%) and nickel (55%), and because chromium does not change color, it can maintain its reflectivity for a long time, which is better than silver and nickel.

What are the appearance characteristics of chrome bottle?

The milky chrome plated chrome layer of chrome bottle is milky white, with low gloss, good toughness, low porosity, soft color, lower hardness than hard chrome and decorative chrome, but high corrosion resistance, so it is often used in measuring tools and instrument panels. In order to improve its hardness, a layer of hard chrome can be plated on the surface of the milky white coating, that is, the so-called double-layer chrome coating, which has the characteristics of both the milky white chrome layer and the hard chrome layer.

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