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10-11 2021
The development trend of transparent plastic canister in the future

People have used metal cans for many years, but it is not easy to see the contents of the cans, so transparent plastic cans have been developed.

06-11 2021
plastic canisters with different surface treatments

Many companies now use plastic canisters, and the sports industry is no exception. Plastic canisters with many different surface treatments canister be used in different places.

03-11 2021
Pet plastic canister with wide application

PET plastic canisters are not only widely used for packaging carbonated beverages, drinking water, fruit juices, enzymes and tea beverages, etc.

01-11 2021
Is TPR plastic canister worth buying?

The TPR plastic raw materials used in tpr plastic canisters can be recycled to reduce costs. It can be two-shot injection molding, and it can be coated and bonded with PP plastic raw materials, PE plastic raw materials, PC engineering plastics, PS plastics, ABS plastic raw materials, etc.

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