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  • What practical value do the bottle caps have?

    The different sizes of gallon bottles allow the customer to choose different filling solutions. All products use food grade material.

  • What is the use value of cap bottle?

    The cap bottle is used for sealing the bottle. According to different functions, there are bottle caps with different shapes and different operation methods. For example, the cap of a mineral water bottle is round and twisted, the cap of a pop-top can is a ring, and the cap of a meat can is pulled.

  • What is the production process of bottle caps?

    Bottle closures are mounted directly from above by machine turning and tightened with the prescribed torque. Because the plastic has a certain elasticity, the inverted teeth in the anti-theft ring bounce back under the bottle caps and kink the flange of the bottle mouth after the bottle cap is mount

  • What is the description of the cap bottles you know?

    The cap bottle has many features, such as several available color options, a wide range of sizes with existing shape, and FDA food grade plastic material. It also has application, such as capsules, pills, tablets etc.

  • What are the design features of cap bottles?

    The key to the sealing of cap bottles is the boss design. There are two ideas for mechanical seal design: increase the contact surface and extend the medium leakage path. Theoretically, complete sealing is impossible, what we pursue is only to minimize leakage within certain conditions.

  • 13-32oz Plastic HDPE Silver Chromed Bottle Packaging In US Warehouse

    13oz 20oz 32oz Plastic HDPE Silver Chromed Bottle PackagingUS WarehouseDirect DeliveryThe chrome plating technology has been widely used on cosmetic industry for many year, so plating on small cosmetic parts like on PP, PMMA, PC, etc; has been very common. When we start to apply this plating tec

  • Gensyu Soft Touch Canister Sports Nutrition Packaging Series

    More popular high-end products in the market-Soft Touch Bottle

  • What is the meaning of HDPE Bottle?

    HDPE Bottle has good chemical stability. It is insoluble in any organic solvent at room temperature, resistant to corrosion by acid, alkali and various salts. At the same time, HDPE Bottle has low permeability to water vapor and air and low water absorption.

  • What do you know about HDPE bottles?

    Most HDPE bottles are made of PE, a resin material obtained by polymerizing ethylene. PE has no smell and feels a bit like wax. It can be stored at low temperature for a long time (the temperature is between minus 100 and minus 70° Celsius), and it is very stable and can not be corroded by some things with strong acid and alkali.. If it has normal temperature, it will not be mixed with ordinary solvents, and it will not absorb much water and conduct no electricity. For more about HDPE bottles, please read the following words.

  • What are the production processes of HDPE bottles?

    HDPE bottle is a high density polyethylene plastic product that deforms in a high temperature environment, and the bottles of detergent or shampoo that we usually use in life are actually made of this material.

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