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What is the production process of bottle caps?

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Bottle closures are mounted directly from above by machine turning and tightened with the prescribed torque. Because the plastic has a certain elasticity, the inverted teeth in the anti-theft ring bounce back under the bottle caps and kink the flange of the bottle mouth after the bottle cap is mounted, and are torn when it is opened again.

What are the production technologies of bottle caps?

What is the production process of bottle caps?

What are the ingredients of bottle caps?

bottle caps

What are the production technologies of bottle caps?

(1) Injection molded bottle caps must heat the material to a molten flow state, and the temperature is about 250°C; Molding presses only need to be heated to 180°C and the energy consumption of injection molded caps is higher than that of injection molded caps;

(2) The molding temperature is low, the shrinkage is small, and the size of the cover is more accurate;

⑶ Fill all mold cavities simultaneously by injection molding and squeeze out a bottle cap material each time. The extrusion pressure in molding is very low, while the pressure required for injection molding is relatively high;

(4) The injection mold is large and it is laborious to replace a single mold cavity; each mold cavity in mold pressing is relatively independent and can be replaced separately;

Formpress capping machine is a special machine for bottle caps and has a release design specifically for bottle caps. The bottle cap injection molding machine basically has no special design for bottle caps, so the mold press cap can be processed into a bell mouth, and the closure rate is high, and users like to use.

What is the production process of bottle caps?

Molded bottle caps have no traces of material openings and look more beautiful. The processing temperature is low, the shrinkage is low, and the size of the bottle caps is more accurate. Put the mixed material into the molding machine, heat the material in the machine to about 170° Celsius to achieve a semi-plasticized state, and quantitatively extrude the material into the mold. The upper and lower mold are clamped, and the bottle caps pressed into the mold into the shape of bottle caps, are left in the upper form;

The bottom mold is removed, the bottle cap runs through the rotating disc and the bottle cap is removed from the mold according to the internal thread. After the bottle cap is molded, it is rotated on the machine, and a blade is used to cut the anti-theft ring at the edge of the bottle cap at 3mm at several points.

What are the ingredients of bottle caps?

bottle caps are made of PP or PE. Find suitable pp or pe for injection molding and add them directly to the injection molding brand, then add additives, such as toughness enhancers, plasticizers, anti-aging agents, fillers, etc.

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