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What is the description of the cap bottles you know?

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The cap bottle has many features, such as several available color options, a wide range of sizes with existing shape, and FDA food grade plastic material. It also has application, such as capsules, pills, tablets etc. For more information about cap bottles, you can read the following words.

What are the materials and classifications of cap bottles?

What is the production process of injection molded cap bottles?

What is the description of the cap bottles?

cap bottles

What are the materials and classifications of cap bottles?

Cap bottles are generally divided into PP and PE according to material.

PP materials: mainly used for gas bottle seals and capping bottles, heat resistant and not deformed, high surface strength, good chemical stability, the disadvantage is poor toughness, easy to brittle at low temperatures, due to poor oxidation resistance, no wear resistant. Cap bottles made of this material are mainly used for packaging cap bottles for fruit wine and carbonated drinks.

PE material: Mainly used for hot fill cap bottles and aseptic cold fill cap bottles. This material is non-toxic, has good toughness and impact resistance, can also be easily filmed, and has high and low temperature resistance and better environmental stress crack resistance.

What is the production process of injection molded cap bottles?

The injection mold is bulky and laborious to replace. The pressure required to produce several caps per mold is high, the material's heating temperature is high, and the energy consumption is higher than in mold pressing. Put the mixed material into the injection molding machine, heat the material in the machine to about 230° Celsius to achieve a semi-plasticized state, inject it into the mold cavity by pressure, and cool it into the mold.

The cap bottle cools and shrinks and the grinding tool rotates counter-clockwise. Under the action of the drawer, the cap bottle is pushed out to realize the automatic drop of the cap bottle. The use of thread rotation and demolding can ensure the complete formation of the entire thread, which can effectively avoid the deformation of the cap bottle. scratched. After cutting the anti-theft ring and installing the sealing ring in the cap bottle, a complete cap bottle is created.

What is the description of the cap bottles?

Description: The silver plating makes the bottle high quality and looks like metal material.

Different shapes and colors are available.

Logo and words can be printed on the bottle on request.

Material: HDPE bottle and PP lid

Certification: CE/ISO9001

Field of use: Sport, GYM package

Packaging: 50-80 PIECES/OPP/CTN

More professional services 1. Approved OEM project.

2. Allows printing your logos or brand.

3. Any color can be freely chosen for you.

4. Any design can be made by you with us.

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