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What are the design features of cap bottles?

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The key to the sealing of cap bottles is the boss design. There are two ideas for mechanical seal design: increase the contact surface and extend the medium leakage path. Theoretically, complete sealing is impossible, what we pursue is only to minimize leakage within certain conditions. By increasing the boss on the cap bottle, the actual sealing area of the bottle mouth and the cap bottle is enlarged.

What are the classifications of cap bottles?

What is the waterproof principle of cap bottles?

What is the structure of cap bottles?

cap bottles

What are the classifications of cap bottles?

Plastic cap bottles are generally divided into gasket type and inner plug type. The production process is divided into compression molding and injection molding.

The sizes are mostly 28, 30, 38, 44, 48 and so on.

The number of teeth is divided into 9 and multiples of 12. The anti-theft ring is divided into: 8 buckles, 12 buckles and so on.

Most of the structures are separate connection type (also called bridge type) and one-time forming type.

Uses are generally divided into gas cap bottles, heat-resistant cap bottles and sterile cap bottles.

Due to the low cost of plastic materials and the advantages of many materials in one, it is also welcomed by packaging container material factories to a certain extent. However, due to the fact that its structural change performance is not very clear, it must be considered in some applications in the field of food packaging. However, with the development of science and technology, the application of plastic covers in the field of food packaging will become more and more extensive.

What is the waterproof principle of cap bottles?

Can the thread of cap bottles be sealed? The answer is yes. There is indeed a type of standard thread that can meet the sealing requirements of beverage bottles, and this type of thread does not need to add other sealing media (material tape, sealing rubber ring, etc.) during use, and we generally call it a fine thread. The intuitive difference is that the fine thread will be denser than the coarse thread of the same specification (such as M8 thread of the same diameter) at the same length and the crest of the fine thread (external thread) is pointed, and the coarse thread is only Flat top or with round transition, such as the connection thread used in daily life.

What is the structure of cap bottles?

The cap bottles have flat threads first, and secondly we didn't see filler on the threads, so it's definitely not a thread seal. This is usually a sealing gasket or an o-ring. When I was young, there was a soft diaphragm on the lid of the beverage bottle, which belongs to the gasket seal. Now there is no such gasket. It is expected that it should be changed to the deformation of the o-ring. model. As many people say that the thread will not leak if you tighten it hard, so it is the thread that acts as a seal. In this case, the vertebral thread is indeed. For our ordinary civilian use, it is actually by screwing the thread to squeeze the gasket or O-ring. Reinforced seal, no gaskets or o-rings, you screw the flat threads to no avail.

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