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Which plastic material is BPA free?

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Which plastic material is BPA free?

Among the many plastic products in the past, most of them will use BPA, but BPA can cause endocrine disorders and threaten the health of fetuses and children. Obesity caused by cancer and metabolic disorders is also thought to be related to this. The EU believes that baby bottles containing bisphenol A can induce precocious puberty. From March 2, 2011, the production of baby bottles containing the chemical substance bisphenol A (BPA) is prohibited. So among the many plastic products today, which ones are BPA-free? What are the development prospects?


Which plastics do not contain BPA today?

What are the development prospects of these plastic canisters?

Where can I buy these plastic canisters?


Which plastics do not contain BPA today?

The most common type of plastic products is plastic cans, so take plastic canisters as an example to introduce what materials are made of plastic containers that are BPA-free.

01 PET plastic cans (PET or PETE, namely polyethylene terephthalate): namely PET bottles, belong to the "drink and throw away" bottles, used for water and beverage packaging. It cannot be used to hold hot water, otherwise it will deform and dissolve substances that are harmful to human health. Can produce carcinogens after 10 months of use.

02 HDPE plastic tank (HDPE, high-density polyethylene): It is not recommended to be used as a water container, mainly used for cleaning and bathing products such as milk, shampoo and detergent. It can withstand a high temperature of 110℃, but some will also be marked as food. It can be reused after careful cleaning, but it is not easy to clean and will gradually be contaminated by bacteria.

03 PVC plastic canisters (PVC, namely polyvinyl chloride): can not be used to hold beverages and food, can only withstand the high temperature of 81 ℃.

04 LDPE plastic containers (LDPE, low-density polyethylene): found at the bottom of the plastic squeeze bottle, only resistant to high temperature 110 ℃.

05 PP plastic jar (PP, namely polypropylene): Some yogurt bottles, ketchup bottles, syrup bottles and medicine bottles will use the 05 label, which is opaque. It can be reused after careful cleaning, and can withstand a high temperature of 130°C.

06 PS plain canisters (PS, or polystyrene): Some disposable cups use the "06" label, and cannot contain strong acid and strong drinks or other substances, such as orange juice.


What are the development prospects of these plastic canisters?

As the prices of aluminum, tinplate and other canisters rise, packaging costs continue to rise. Traditional canisters are opaque and consumers cannot observe the packaged products. In this context, ordinary food canisters were put on the market. PET food cans are made of PET, which are lighter than traditional canisters and are convenient for long-distance transportation. The outer packaging is transparent. Through effective combination with some transparent labels, the product looks very dynamic and beautiful. At the same time, the consumer's jars are getting closer and closer to the product, and the consumer's experience is more perfect. Therefore, plastic food containers are very popular, and there are professional food can manufacturers in China. Regarding the development of the market, I am optimistic that although ordinary food canisters cannot completely replace canisters, as consumer habits change, the growth of the market is an inevitable trend.


Where can I buy these plastic canisters?

In China, Shanghai Gensyu Packaging Co., Ltd. can provide plastic cans. There are mainly PET plastic canisters, TPR plastic containers, rainbow cans, transparent cans, plain cans and some other products.

PET plastic containers are mainly used to store medicines and capsules. TPR plastic containers are mainly used to store protein powder, pills and capsules. Plain cans are mainly used to store protein powders and medicines, and can also store candy. The perspective tank is mainly used to store whey protein powder, health care drugs and other items. The purpose of rainbow cans is basically the same, but because plastic canister are more colorful, they are more popular.

These plain containers have different surface treatments, continuous thread closure, caps, linings and other functions. If you want to buy our plastic can products, we can provide you with plastic containers with good cost performance.


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