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What types of plastic metalized bottles are there?

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What types of plastic metalized bottles are there?

Plastic metalized bottles are what we often call cans. The lid and body of plastic metalized bottles are produced separately and then assembled together. There are two kinds of materials for making cans: aluminum and tinplate.Metal cans are classified according to the manufacturing method; there are mainly three-piece cans and two-piece cans:


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Introduction to the three-piece cans in the plastic metalized bottles type

Introduction to the two-piece can type in the plastic metalized bottles type

What are the uses of different metalized tanks?


Introduction to the three-piece cans in the plastic metalized bottles type

The application history of three-piece cans has been nearly 200 years. Although it has been improved many times, its basic composition is still made of three metal sheets (mostly tinplate) of can body, bottom and lid, hence the name "three-piece can" . The shape, size and manufacturing method of the tank bottom and tank cover of ordinary plastic metalized bottles are exactly the same, and they are collectively referred to as tank cover.


There are two main sealing forms for the longitudinal seams of plastic metalized bottles: soldering and welding. The former was used earlier, but due to the lead in the solder, it has been eliminated; the latter can avoid lead pollution, low energy consumption, and material consumption. Less, but the production equipment is complicated. The three-piece can has good rigidity, can produce cans of various shapes, high material utilization, easy to change size, mature production technology, and many types of packaging products.


Introduction to the two-piece can type in the plastic metalized bottles type

The two-piece cans of plastic metalized bottles came out in the middle of the 20th century. The whole packaging can is composed of two pieces, namely the can body and the can lid, so it is called a two-piece can. The can body of the two-piece can is made of a thin metal plate, which is stretched and deformed by a punch through a stretch forming die, so that the plastic metalized bottles can be connected into one body.


There are many types of can bodies for two-piece cans: according to the height of the can body, it is divided into shallow flushing cans and deep flushing cans; according to canning materials, divided into aluminum cans and iron cans; according to manufacturing technology, divided into thinning and stretching cans and deep cans. Chong pull cupping and so on. Compared with the three-piece can, the two-piece can has the following advantages:

①Good sealing. The body of plastic metalized bottles is directly formed by the punching process and does not leak, which can eliminate the leak detection process.

②Ensure product quality. The two-piece cans do not need to be welded and sealed to avoid lead contamination of the solder cans, and are resistant to high temperature sterilization, which can ensure product hygiene.

③Beautiful and generous. The can body has no seams, beautiful appearance, and plastic metalized bottles can be continuously decorated and printed with good effect.

④High production efficiency. Two-piece cans have only two parts, and the manufacturing process of plastic metalized bottle is simple, which is of great benefit to simplifying the process and improving production capacity.

⑤Save raw materials. The body of the two-piece can is stretched and deformed when it is formed, and the wall thickness is thinner than that of the three-piece can; in addition, the plastic metalized bottles of the two-piece can are integrally formed without the longitudinal seam of the can body and the seam with the bottom of the can. Material.

However, two-piece cans have higher requirements for material performance, canning technology, canning equipment, etc., and there are fewer types of filling materials.


What are the uses of different metalized tanks?

The plastic metalized bottles currently used for packaging are mainly aluminum two-piece cans. Aluminum two-piece cans use aluminum alloy thin plates as materials, and a thinning and stretching process is used in the manufacturing process, so the thickness of the can wall is significantly thinner than the bottom of the can. When used in beer packaging, strong internal pressure will compensate for the rigidity of the thin tank wall.


However, the high gas barrier, light-shielding and sealing properties of plastic metalized bottleswill keep the quality of beer in plastic metalized bottles stable. It is also the existence of these metal characteristics that plastic metalized bottles can be filled at high speed even if the time-consuming filling method of equal pressure filling is adopted.

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