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What is the accuracy range of the smart scoop?

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What is the accuracy range of the smart scoop?

Smart scoop is a plastic packaging container formed by blow molding. After injection molding, an intermediate product preform is formed, and then a plastic bottle is formed by blow molding, which is the principle of two-step molding. Gensyu's smart scoop is a special material made of high-density polyethylene through injection molding to form a preform. The smart scoop is blow-molded under specific pressure and temperature conditions, and the volume in the gun mold of the mold expands according to the specifications of the mold. Get the smart scoop with corresponding height and thickness. At present, smart scoop mostly provides services for sports nutrition, health, health, food and beverage industries. Next, we will introduce the accuracy range of smart scoop in detail.


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What are the factors that affect the accuracy range of smart scoop?

A detailed introduction to the accuracy range of Gensyu's smart scoop

What is the development prospect of choosing Gensyu's smart scoop?


What are the factors that affect the accuracy range of smart scoop?

There are many factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of smart scoop, and they form a cross-influence with each other:

①The molding material of smart scoop. The material factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of smart scoop include shrinkage fluctuation value, raw material moisture and volatile content, raw material preparation technology, raw material production batch number, molecular weight distribution, crystal form, storage method and time.

②Molding conditions of smart scoop. The molding conditions that affect the dimensional accuracy of smart scoop include: barrel temperature, mold temperature, injection volume, injection speed, injection pressure, pressure holding time, cooling time, and molding method.The shape and size of smart scoop. The shape of the smart scoop is complex, the shrinkage is uneven; the wall thickness changes greatly, the shrinkage is uneven; the total shrinkage of large-size products is large; the steepness is large, the accuracy is low.

③The mold structure of smart scoop. The error of the size directly determined by the mold is governed by the mold manufacturing accuracy and the amount of mold wear, as well as the mold installation accuracy and the equipment status. In addition, the size of the feed port is large and the shrinkage is small; the size shrinkage parallel to the material flow direction is large, and the size shrinkage perpendicular to the material flow direction is small; the parting surface determines the position and direction of the burr and affects the dimensional accuracy perpendicular to the parting surface.

④Manufacturing error of smart scoop. Mold manufacturing errors will be directly reflected on the smart scoop.The conditions after the molding of the smart scoop. Mainly refers to measurement error and storage error. Measurement errors are mainly caused by factors such as measurement tools, measurement methods, and measurement time; improper storage methods cause products to bend and twist, and improper storage temperature and humidity cause changes in the shape and size of the smart scoop.


A detailed introduction to the accuracy range of Gensyu's smart scoop

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Product description of smart scoop:

Main body   material

high density polyethylene


8 ounces-100 ounces


250ml to 2863ml

Surface treatment

chrome, soft touch, high gloss UV,   carbon fiber


silver, gold, blue, green, yellow,   pink, etc.

Cap material


Cap diameter

63mm, 89mm, 100mm, 120mm, etc.



Plastic bottle cap trademark

printed or self-adhesive label


Ventilated or non-ventilated

Payment terms

TT, Western Union, Paypal, etc.

Freight service

can accept AIR / SEA / LCL or other   special transportation services

What is the development prospect of choosing Gensyu's smart scoop?

Today, the main development direction of smart scoop is the packaging of medicines, beverages and health products. Another trend is to replace recycled plastics with biodegradable plastics. With the ever-changing needs of women, most of the packaging containers for ordinary cosmetics and detergents are also made of high-density polyethylene.

In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, the materials used by smart scoop are becoming more abundant. Because smart scoop allows consumers to clearly see the contents, consumers have more and more requirements for PP plastic bottle containers, and polypropylene is the main material to meet this requirement. The development of pp transparent packaging bottles is recent. A hot spot for plastic bottle packaging at home and abroad.


The main material is HDPE smart scoop, which has good transparency and gloss, and is highly appreciated and popular. How to stand out in the modern market with fierce competition and constantly evolving sales methods, in addition to relying on product innovation and high-quality and fast service to win, the main material of HDPE containers is becoming more and more important.

From the market point of view, smart scoop is a formal product in the overall product, and it is a very important part of the content. The smart scoop whose main material is HDPE can make consumers want to buy and stimulate consumption. Adhering to the spirit of innovation, the RTCO technical team continues to develop new designs to meet recent market needs. The design of "Scoopless" follows a simple concept and has the main characteristics of "quantitative proportioning", "high efficiency" and "hygiene". The main design is the bottle cap. This excellent design makes it completely free of shovel, and can prevent people from exposing and contaminating the contents every time they use it!


Therefore, we choose Gensyu's smart scoop and sports nutrition packaging and cosmetic packaging. We have more than ten years of rich experience. Our main product is also a plastic bottle (8 ounces to 100 ounces), with chrome plating, soft touch, high gloss UV and carbon fiber. Custom size and surface treatment are welcome. We also have free samples and professional after-sales service will provide you for quality inspection!

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