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What are the chrome bottles used for?

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What are the chrome bottles used for?

The beauty of the chrome effect is irresistible, and thanks to the modern surface treatment technology, it can be used in large quantities for industrial purposes and consumer goods production. In Gensyu, the team replicated the mysterious charm by adding a thin layer of chrome spray on chromed bottles and jars.


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What is the production technology of chrome bottles?

What are the main medical functions of chrome bottles?

Gensyu's chrome bottles are widely used and developed.


What is the production technology of chrome bottles?

The special ink used in the spraying process of chromed bottle has a magical effect and is very attractive to consumers. The spray coating of chromed bottles is added on transparent, translucent and opaque plastic components, each of which exhibits different visual effects. The results of the changes provide extensive opportunities for skincare brands to create unique designs. chromed bottles decoration is suitable for PP, PET chromed bottles and cans, combined with screen printing and hot embossing, the appearance is more refined and more in line with the elegant contours of beauty brands.


What are the main medical functions of chrome bottles?

Control blood sugar levels

Chromium in chromed bottles is very important for blood sugar metabolism. It can improve the effect of insulin, allowing glucose to enter human cells for metabolism to produce energy. If you have diabetes or low blood sugar, you can use chromium to regulate glucose metabolism in the body.


Protect the cardiovascular system

Chrome bottles also play an active role in increasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL, a lipoprotein that is beneficial to the human body) and reducing cholesterol levels. Chromed bottles can help prevent and improve arteriosclerosis, prevent high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases .


Weight control

Chrome bottles help people reduce their cravings for sweets, help reduce body fat content, increase lean muscle tissue, thereby helping to promote metabolism and maintain an ideal weight (the more lean muscle tissue, the higher the metabolic rate), chromed in diet foods Bottle is very popular.


Gensyu's chrome bottles are widely used and developed.

The chrome coating of chromed bottles has been widely used because of its excellent performance. Especially with the development of the machinery manufacturing industry, the amount of chrome coating of chromed bottles is increasing. However, the electrolyte used in the traditional chromium plating process is made of highly toxic chromic anhydride.


According to reports, in the chromium plating process, about 2/3 of chromic anhydride is consumed in wastewater or waste gas, and only about 1/3 of chromic anhydride is used on the chromium plating. A large amount of waste water and waste gas have caused serious pollution to the environment. Over the years, although the recovery and treatment of chromium-containing wastewater has been strengthened, it has not been fundamentally solved. In addition, the traditional chromed bottles still has many shortcomings. In response to the above-mentioned problems, the majority of electroplating workers have done a lot of research work on chromed bottles.


However, Gensy's chrome plating technology in chromed bottles has been widely used in the cosmetics industry for many years, so it has always been common to electroplating on smaller cosmetic parts (such as PP, PMMA, PC, etc.)! Manufactured with a commitment to quality and compliance, it has occupied a leading position in the dietary supplement packaging market. We have a wealth of experience and can provide high quality, innovative, cost-effective and safe packaging to customers all over the world. We provide the most extensive packaging experience and innovation!

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