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How to recycle plastic containers?

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How to recycle plastic containers?

"White pollution" has always appeared in people's sight. "White pollution" mainly refers to plastic pollution. Many companies and individuals are using plastic containers, so how to recycle them becomes a problem. So how to recycle plastic containers? What is the market trend? Does any company or company provide biodegradable plastic containers?


How to recycle plastic containers?

What is the market trend of recycled plastic containers?

Do companies or companies provide biodegradable plastic containers?


How to recycle plastic containers?

(1) Mechanical recycling

Mechanical recycling electronic waste plastic containers are suitable for large waste generation, stable supply sources, and collection points close to disassembly manufacturers, material processing and potential product users.

(2) As a chemical raw material

Plastic as a chemical raw material, including the use of mixed plastic as a reducing agent in the metal smelting process, is suitable for the following situations:

a. There are fewer plastics and a wide variety of resins;

b. Difficulty in product classification and disassembly;

c. Plastic suppliers, recyclers and end users are far away from each other, and the transportation costs of cross-regional recycling of plastics exceed the potential economic benefits of plastics.

(3) Processed into engineering fuel

The proportion of plastics processed into engineering fuels is small, but it is commercially viable. This method largely depends on the close cooperation between the fuel manufacturer and the end user. Economic aspects depend on the fuel manufacturer's manufacturing costs, transportation costs, the price of alternative oil or other oils, and the cost of incineration.

(4) Energy recovery

Energy recovery is defined as follows: daily used plastic containers are directly burned without waste plastic products in consumer countries or used as combustion aids for other fuels, through resource recovery methods that generate and recover heat energy. The main examples are the incineration of domestic waste to obtain steam, electricity and hot water; other examples are the use of fossil fuel substitutes in cement kilns and thermal power plants, and waste-derived fuels used in coal gasification, slag melting, and metal recovery systems. High calorific value components.


What is the market trend of recycled plastic containers?

With the large-scale application of plastic containers, my country’s plastic recycling industry market has become prosperous since the beginning of the 21st century. Small and medium-sized enterprises have emerged like Yongquan, with active investment. From the previous family workshop-style recycling of recycled plastics, the model is now a pure business driven by market demand. The model is changing, and it is developing into an environmentally friendly industrial economy that is oriented towards recycling and processing clusters, market transactions intensive, and driven entirely by market demand and price.

The number of enterprises and personnel engaged in the recycling and processing of recycled plastic containers is huge and steadily increasing, mainly self-employed and farmers, as well as some other industry investors. The plastic recycling industry provides channels for rural economic growth, employment for rural surplus labor, and increased income. It has made great contributions to resource recycling and environmental protection, and is an important part of the environmental protection industry.


Do companies or companies provide biodegradable plastic containers?

In China, Shanghai Gensyu Packaging Co., Ltd. can provide plastic cans. There are mainly PET plastic canisters, TPR plastic containers, rainbow cans, transparent cans, plain cans and some other products.

PET plastic containers are mainly used to store medicines and capsules. TPR plastic containers are mainly used to store protein powder, pills and capsules. Plain cans are mainly used to store protein powders and medicines, and can also store candy. The perspective tank is mainly used to store whey protein powder, health care drugs and other items. The purpose of rainbow cans is basically the same, but because plastic canister are more colorful, they are more popular.

These plain containers have different surface treatments, continuous thread closure, caps, linings and other functions. If you want to buy our plastic can products, we can provide you with plastic containers with good cost performance.


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