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How to paint plastic metalized bottles?

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How to paint plastic metalized bottles?

Plastic metalized bottles are strong and reliable, but many plastic metalized bottles will rust or even wear and crack due to changes in temperature or humidity in the environment in the later stage, so do not perform certain maintenance treatments in the early stage at this time, such as today A detailed introduction to the plastic metalized bottles spraying process can guarantee a more satisfactory effect. Friends with special needs can also use it to harvest metals with more personalized characteristics. They can also use special paints or products to avoid rust. The trouble, maximize the value.


Here is the content list:

What is the use of plastic metalized bottles surface spray treatment?

What is the technical principle of plastic metalized bottles surface spraying?

How to deal with the surface spraying of plastic metalized bottles?


What is the use of plastic metalized bottles surface spray treatment?

Because corrosion is an irreversible spontaneous process, it is difficult to protect plastic metalized bottles from corrosion even with a high-quality spray paint retention layer, especially when the plastic metalized bottles surface spray paint layer is poorly bonded, damaged, or has pinholes, or drums. For defects such as bubbles, cracks, and peeling, the protective effect of the spray paint coating will be greatly reduced, and even cause the bad results of increased corrosion of plastic metalized bottles. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze the corrosion factors of plastic metalized bottles in spray paint and take effective countermeasures to prevent them.


What is the technical principle of plastic metalized bottles surface spraying?

Generally speaking, the corrosion of plastic metalized bottles is the result of a combination of many factors, and one of them plays an important role in the corrosion process. The surface of plastic metalized bottles is spray painted to form a coating protective layer, and the area where the plastic metalized bottles corrode is the interface area between the painted film and the metal surface, and it continues to corrode and expand into the depth of the plastic metalized bottles matrix.


If the plastic metalized bottles surface spray paint coating can effectively isolate the penetration of water, oxygen, electrons, stray ions, etc., it can greatly slow down or avoid the corrosion of the coated metal. If the isolation effect is not good, the coating retention layer The anticorrosion and corrosion protection of metal is not good.

Production practice shows that the water permeability of the spray paint protection layer seriously affects the adhesion of the plastic metalized bottles spray paint surface layer, while the oxygen permeability greatly affects the corrosion performance of the plastic metalized bottles. There are many forms of corrosion in plastic metalized bottles painted with paint, but the root cause, the occurrence of corrosion, is closely related to chemical and electrochemical effects.


How to deal with the surface spraying of plastic metalized bottles?

①The equipment used for plastic metalized bottles spray painting includes air pumps, air filter tanks, air ducts and spray guns. Commonly used spray guns include suction type, opposite nozzle type and outflow type.

②When plastic metalized bottles are sprayed, the handle is pressed and compressed air is sprayed from the air outlet, so that the paint is evenly sprayed on the surface from the paint outlet.

③The distance between the spray gun and the object surface should be controlled between 200~300mm. The first spray should be closer, and each subsequent spray should be slightly further.

④The air pressure should be kept between 0.3 and 0.4MPa, and gradually decrease after the first spray.

⑤Plastic metalized bottles primers and spray paints must be thinned with a thinner. In the absence of a viscometer measurement, the thinner can be added according to 100% of the paint weight

⑥So that the paint can be sprayed smoothly, not too thin or too thick. Alkyd primer can be thinned with rosin; nitro varnish can be thinned with banana water.

⑦When spraying the nitro varnish for the first time, because the primer and putty are oily, they are easily melted by the thinner to produce bubbles and wrinkles, so the spraying speed should be faster and the spray should be thinner. After spraying, wait for it to dry, sand it with water sandpaper and spray it again.


In our impression, the color of plastic metalized bottles products is similar, that is, silver, which may make many friends feel tired of this and eager to find metals with personalized characteristics. At this time, learn from the above to understand plastic metalized bottles spraying. The operation steps of the treatment process, such as the paint that can be selected or the professional mechanical tools can change the appearance of plastic metalized bottles for us, and choose according to the different decoration styles. In addition, it is recommended that you can refer to it when purchasing Text, understand the attention and skills in plastic metalized bottles spraying process. 

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