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How to maintain plastic metalized bottles?

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How to maintain plastic metalized bottles?

The choice of plastic metalized bottles suitable for packaging a certain type of food depends on the functions of the packaging. These functions include protecting food from moisture, temperature changes, oxygen, light and biological microorganisms. Similarly, plastic metalized bottles play an important role in material selection, damage protection, permeability, food identification, and chemical and optical properties. Then, how to maintain plastic metalized bottles in daily life?


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The characteristics of plastic metalized bottles and their use taboos

How to restore the brightness of plastic metalized bottles?

Choose Gensyu professional team for the maintenance of plastic metalized bottles


The characteristics of plastic metalized bottles and their use taboos

Since the Bronze Age, many utensils in my country are made of copper, such as wine utensils and tableware are almost all made of copper. Frequent use of copper plastic metalized bottles will not produce patina, so a small amount of copper entering the body is regarded as "copper supplement".

Iron plastic metalized bottles are non-toxic, but ironware is prone to rust. After rusting, it gives off a bloody smell, which can cause nausea and poor appetite. And iron plastic metalized bottlesare not suitable for edible oil, oil and iron products are easily oxidized and deteriorated together, and iron containers are not suitable for tea and coffee.


Stainless steel plastic metalized bottles: Stainless steel plastic metalized bottles are beautiful and practical, with the focus on corrosion resistance and rust resistance, which are quite popular in the market. It is made of iron, chromium and other alloys, so don't hold salt, soy sauce, vinegar and other seasonings for a long time to avoid the dissolution of harmful substances in some metals.

Aluminum plastic metalized bottles: Aluminum plastic metalized bottles are non-toxic and lightweight, but long-term use will accelerate the aging of the human body and is also detrimental to human memory. Therefore, aluminum ones are best not to cook acidic and alkaline foods, and avoid using them to store meals and salty dishes.


Titanium plastic metalized bottles: The unique plastic metalized bottles have a warm luster and a fine texture comparable to silver tableware. The material is lightweight and has many excellent characteristics. Titanium plastic metalized bottles have high aesthetics and almost no contraindications in use. They can be gifted to relatives and friends or collection.

Plastic metalized bottles: The raw materials of plastic metalized bottles are mainly PPS and SPS, which are resistant to high temperature and corrosion. The plastic metalized bottles are easy to clean and will not produce harmful substances at high temperatures.


How to restore the brightness of plastic metalized bottles?

①Spread the seasoned ketchup on the plastic metalized bottles and let it stand for about 10 minutes to allow the acetic acid in the ketchup to chemically react with the plastic metalized bottles. Then wipe off the ketchup with a soft paper towel. Put the tableware in warm water and rinse repeatedly. Wipe with a soft cloth, and the plastic metalized bottles will become as bright as new.

②Use a soft cloth and detergent to scrub plastic metalized bottles, just like washing dishes, but try not to use steel balls that can damage the metal surface.

③Plastic metalized bottles can be cleaned with water that has been boiled with scallions. For copper plastic metalized bottles, green onions can be dipped in salt to clean the surface, which has a good decontamination effect and can maintain the brightness of plastic metalized bottles. If there is no ketchup at home, you can mash the tomatoes that are about to go bad at home and apply them to plastic metalized bottles. The effect is also very impressive!


Choose Gensyu professional team for the maintenance of plastic metalized bottles

Gensyu maintains a high degree of cleanliness and organization in warehouses, dock areas and truck fleets. Gensyu's quality control management personnel can resolve all customer concerns or quality issues through immediate investigation, and timely maintain and maintain plastic metalized bottles, and take corrective and preventive measures as needed.


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If the customer has special plastic metalized bottles color requirements, we can make samples according to the color card or provided colors, and send the samples to the customer for confirmation. We can make 3D samples according to the LOGO provided by the customer, and provide technical drawings for confirmation, and then open the plastic metalized bottles mold after confirmation. The mold opening time is 25 to 50 days.


Gensyu-packaging is manufactured with a commitment to the quality and compliance of plastic metalized bottles, and has won a leading position in the dietary supplement packaging market. We have extensive experience and can provide high-quality, innovative, cost-effective and safe packaging to customers all over the world!

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