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How do i clean plastic metalized bottle in kitchen?

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How do i clean plastic metalized bottle in kitchen?

The plastic metalized bottle adds an elegant and sophisticated image to any kitchen. However, if you don't clean it often, you may leave a room full of boring gray appliances. Fortunately, the plastic metalized bottle is easy to maintain. You only need to remember a few simple things and restore the gloss without damaging the surface.


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How to clean plastic metalized bottle appliances?

What are the specific methods for cleaning plastic metalized bottle?

Consult the manufacturer for professional cleaning methods for plastic metalized bottles


How to clean plastic metalized bottle appliances?

Compared with other finishes, plastic metalized bottle is more challenging because it easily displays fingerprints and stripes. In addition, there are different types of plastic metalized bottle, so please try to use any plastic metalized bottle cleaner before accurately finding the material that is most suitable for your specific equipment. If you have multiple plastic metalized bottle appliances, you may find that each appliance requires a different cleaning procedure.


What are the specific methods for cleaning plastic metalized bottle?

Please read the manufacturer's instructions before starting to find the final cleaning formula. They are a good place to learn how to clean plastic metalized bottle appliances. They usually recommend the best plastic metalized bottle cleaner and point out which cleaner will damage the surface finish.


A soft cloth dampened with warm water is usually sufficient for regular cleaning.

Glass cleaner helps to remove fingerprints.

Wipe in the direction of the grain to avoid leaving streaks.

Dry the towel after cleaning to prevent water stains. Use a commercial cleaner to remove the stains on the plastic metalized bottle. Please read the instructions and conduct a field test first.

Steel wool or brushes will scratch the surface of the plastic metalized bottle, making it easier to rust and stain.

Abrasive cleaners will scratch the surface and passivate the finish.

Chlorine-containing bleach and cleaners can stain and damage the plastic metalized bottle

Don't let dirty water and cleaning agent remain on the plastic metalized bottle to dry; it will produce a dull luster and may leave permanent stains.

Some tap water can be harsh and leave spots or stains.

Please use distilled or filtered water instead.

Use DIY plastic metalized bottle cleaner


Consult the manufacturer for professional cleaning methods for plastic metalized bottles

You can trust the manufacturer, they know how to clean the plastic metalized bottle, and follow the instructions to make your equipment look like new. Assuming that they are not inconsistent with your plastic metalized bottle cleaning instructions, the following are some practically tested plastic metalized bottle cleaning methods, which are suitable for most surface treatments.


Vinegar and olive oil

This is what you need: distilled white vinegar, olive oil and two microfiber cloths. Look carefully at your plastic metalized bottle and find the grain. Soak your microfiber cloth with vinegar and wipe off dirt, grease and grime with grains. Let the vinegar dry and moisten the other microfiber cloth with olive oil. Grind oil with grains. This simple process will clean, protect and illuminate your plastic metalized bottle quickly and easily.


Dish soap and baby oil

This is what you need: dish soap, baby oil, warm water and three microfiber cloths.

Dilute a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with a quart of fresh water. Dampen your microfiber cloth with the solution and clean it with grain. Mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with one quart of water. Moisten a clean microfiber towel with clean warm water and wipe off the plastic metalized bottle residue.


Proper care and maintenance will help you clean the plastic metalized bottleto avoid permanent damage and corrosion. With a little effort, your plastic metalized bottle will maintain its shiny and new look.Please remember, if you want to organize plastic metalized bottle, please contact Gensyu, Gensyu produces a variety of colors, different sizes,The surface of different technical treatment of health products bottles, can accept customers’ different sizes, the requirements of the style for the customization, we are always available to help! 

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