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Can you store spuces in a plastic metalized bottle?

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Can you store spuces in a plastic metalized bottle?

The advantages of plastic metalized bottles are obvious. It has very good airtightness and can withstand high internal pressure. It is very suitable for loading carbonated beverages, which only require a little pressure, air and acid resistance. Therefore, plastic metalized bottles is Great choice for storing spices.


Here is the content list:

The material properties of plastic metalized bottle are good for storing spices

The safety of plastic metalized bottle is good for storing spices

The superior performance of plastic metalized bottle deserves to be widely used


The material properties of plastic metalized bottle are good for storing spices

For fruit and vegetable juice, organic acid is an important component that determines its taste, and it can show the unique aroma of fruit. The ratio of sugar and acid content in fruit and vegetable juice is an important factor affecting the taste, but organic acids are corrosive to a certain extent.

In addition, the enzymes, vitamin C, pigments and other important ingredients in fruit and vegetable juices have certain requirements for light and temperature. However, the plastic metalized bottles uses tinplate three-piece cans and aluminum two-piece cans, and is also coated with epoxy phenolic paint (sometimes it is necessary to apply a layer of vinyl paint on the epoxy phenolic inner coating). The organic acids in fruit and vegetable juices are not a threat at all in the plastic metalized bottles.


The safety of plastic metalized bottle is good for storing spices

Seasonings and milk powder packages sold on the market mainly come in two forms: plastic metalized bottles and aluminum foil PE flexible packaging. In some milk powder products imported from abroad, you can also see the form of carton packaging. The two types of packaging, plastic metalized bottles and aluminum foil PE soft packaging, have no significant difference in the quality and shelf life of milk powder. Filling with inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide can extend the shelf life of the product.

Due to the safety of product quality, the state requires that milk powder consumed by infants and young children must be packaged with aluminum foil structure, and other products such as adult milk powder can use aluminum-plated packaging. The market price of plastic metalized bottles milk powder of the same quality is generally more than 30% more expensive than bagged milk powder.


Therefore, with the intensification of competition in the dairy industry, due to cost factors, it is not ruled out that plastic metalized bottles packaging may gradually replace other packaging. However, plastic metalized bottles packaging has good airtightness and long shelf life, which is the preferred packaging form of many manufacturers


The superior performance of plastic metalized bottle deserves to be widely used

Plastic metalized bottle refers to thin-walled packaging containers made of metal sheets, which are widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrumentation packaging, industrial product packaging, munitions packaging, etc. At present, China has a large demand for plastic metalized bottles, and it has very promising development prospects. So, what are the advantages of plastic metalized bottles? What are the reasons that plastic metalized bottles is widely used?

1. Excellent barrier properties

The plastic metalized bottles can not only block gases such as air, oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc., but also block light, especially ultraviolet light, so it will not cause deliquescent, deterioration, decay, fading, and fragrance changes of the contents.

2. Excellent mechanical properties

Because the plastic metalized bottles is rigid and easy to operate, it can withstand collisions, vibrations and stacking, and is convenient for transportation and storage, which greatly increases the sales radius of the product.

3. Good thermal conductivity

The use of plastic metalized bottles has high heating and cooling efficiency, which can improve the effect of high temperature sterilization and rapid cooling, and it is possible to realize the cooking of the contents in the pot.

4. Good processing adaptability

Due to the good ductility of metal, high-precision and high-speed production can be achieved for complex forming processing. Such high productivity enables metal containers to meet a large number of consumer needs at a lower cost.

5. Easy to use

The plastic metalized bottles is not easy to be damaged and easy to carry. Now many beverage and food cans are combined with easy-open lids, which increase the convenience of use to adapt to the fast-paced life of modern equipment and are widely used in travel life.

6. Beautiful decoration

The plastic metalized bottles generally has a beautiful metallic luster, coupled with colorful graphic printing, which adds to the beauty of the product. Because of this, people often prefer to use metal packaging cans when giving gifts.

7. Hygiene and safety

Due to the use of appropriate coatings, the plastic metalized bottles fully meets the requirements for hygiene and safety of food containers.

8. Waste and easy disposal

The plastic metalized bottles can be recycled and recycled after use. It not only recovers resources, saves energy, but also eliminates environmental pollution. Even if the metal is scattered in the soil after rusting, it will not have a bad impact on the environment.

9. Has good shielding performance

The protective packaging of high-tech electronic equipment can no longer stay at the basic protective functions such as moisture, mildew, rust, and shock. When electromagnetic waves penetrate the sensitive electrical components in the equipment, their effect is very much like electrostatic discharge, which will cause the electrical components to fail and make the equipment unusable. The good shielding performance of plastic metalized bottles makes it anti-electromagnetic and effective protection of high-tech electronic equipment.

10. With magnetic permeability

Steel containers are magnetic, so they can be transported by magnetic force.The plastic metalized bottles is made of high-quality materials. The seasoning bottle is a unique design that can keep the seasoning fresh and easy to take. The design of the plastic metalized bottles cover is unique, with a rotating structure. The three sizes of the bottle hole can be adjusted at any time when in use, and the bottle cover can be rotated to the closed state when not in use. The seasoning is fresh and convenient! ! Fashion design, clean stainless steel bottle, stylish and practical, suitable for storing all kinds of powder and granular condiments! 

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