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Are plastic canisters worth buying?

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Are plastic canisters worth buying?

Nowadays, plastic canisters are used in many fields. So is it valuable for us to buy plastic canisters? Or is there anything about pet canisters that attract us to buy?


  • What is a plastic container?

  • What kinds of plain canisters are there?

  • What are the properties of plastic canisters?


What is a plastic container?

Plastic container refer to small packaging containers made of plastic or plastic-based raw materials, generally with a sealable canister lid.

Among pet canisters, there are few pure plastic canisters. Most of them are made of plastic, paper, aluminum foil and other composite materials, while the bottom and lid are made of plastic or metal. This kind of plastic canister is also called Combination tank.


What kinds of plain canisters are there?

The difference between plain canisters mainly lies in the canister body, which canister be divided into two types according to its composition structure:

① Laminated composite material tank. It is made from several materials, such as plastic film, aluminum foil, cardboard, etc., into composite materials, and then extruded to form a canister body. The canister body is mostly square with rounded corners. The bottom cover is mostly plastic and is connected to the canister body by high-frequency fusion sealing.

② Multilayer material winding tank. It uses a variety of materials to be wound into a cylinder, then cut into a canister body as required, and then connect the canister bottom and the canister lid respectively.


What are the properties of plastic canisters?

Plastic canisters have not appeared for a long time, but they have developed very rapidly. They have replaced metal canisters and glass bottles on many occasions, mainly because they have many advantages:

① Light weight. The density of materials used to make pet canisters is relatively small. Compared with the quality of containers with the same volume, plastic canisters are smaller than metal canisters and glass bottles.

② The cost is lower. The material cost of the plain canister is lower, and the manufacturing is easier, so the overall price is lower.

③ The product canister be reliably protected. The tank body is made of a variety of materials, with good chemical stability and barrier properties; the combination of the bottom, cover and the tank body adopts a reliable sealing structure, so the contents canister be reliably protected.

④ Good mechanical strength. Although the mechanical properties of plastic container are slightly lower than that of metal canisters and glass bottles, they are sufficient for packaging general products, and strength damage rarely occurs.

⑤ Good shelf effect. The surface of the plastic canister is easy to print and easy to decorate, which is very good for attracting customers and promoting sales.

Plain canisters also have some shortcomings: for example, the sealing quality of the bottom cover and the canister body is not stable; in vacuum packaging and pressure packaging, the strength of the canister body is sometimes not high enough.

As a new type of packaging container, plastic canisters are widely used in the packaging field. They canister package fruit juice, milk powder, carbonated beverages, coffee, cosmetics, oils, etc.


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